Sophisticated individual approach

Our senior in-house team cooperates with an extensive network of seasoned consultants, many of whom are natives or long-term residents of the region. This gives us  a deep understanding of its cultural nuances, customs, language, and business practices, which are critical factors for any organization seeking to succeed in the region.

Making things happen

Each client has specific needs and we tailor our services accordingly.
The most sought-after services belong to one of the following four categories.


Research may include, but is not limited to, MENA and adjacent region consumer preferences, competitive landscape, industry trends, market size and growth potential, regulatory frameworks, and cultural nuances.

Advisory & Consulting

These services most commonly include financial planning, risk management, regulatory compliance, and other areas where our team of local and external consultants closely cooperates with clients to identify specific business challenges or opportunities and create tailored solutions.

Risk management

We have a highly skilled team tasked with finding, assessing, and managing potential threats to the financial security of our clients. With thorough planning and systematic steps, we can mitigate most of the risks and create contingency plans for potential setbacks.

Business development

Our clients can benefit from our extensive network of contacts in the region to establish partnerships and build relationships with local businesses and organizations. Upon request, we also help develop new products or services and pursue new business opportunities that align with the client’s strategic objectives.